Thank you for visiting Glover For Nampa.  I hope this page will help you get aquainted with who I am.  My success has stemmed from my strong commitment and sense of professionalism to my community while maintaining high standards.  Nampa is an amazing community and deserves a leader with a vision to keep Nampa moving in the right direction.

Nampa being named the most well run city in America is hard to beat.  I applaud that success and I am PROUD to operate a business within it, which was built on those hardworking values of resilient Idahoans that came before me.  My job is to make it better!  However, we need to build a foundation of progress and success that helps us sustain it in the case of another economic downturn.  We need to plan and build an infrastructure that will manage the steep incline of growth that is taking place now, but not leave it with a surmountable debt that will limit our ability to take care of it in the difficult times.  A creative cooperative spirit respecting the history and values of our community will continue our path to great success.


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